Z is for ZZZ

My bunny JD is having a bit of a rough patch (though a rough patch would infer a brief occurence, which this isn’t). Now 3.5mths old, he wakes every 1-2hrs to feed at night. As a treat, he’d sometimes let me sleep for 3 straight hours before rousing. (Jeez, thanks bunny!).
As a mother to a little baby, I accept the interrupted sleep during these early days is part of package, particularly for a baby who is exclusively breastfed (well, until 2 nights ago). Doesn’t take away from my body’s desire to shut down and reboot. In conversation with a dear friend recently, she joked that for mother’s day, dads should take the kids away to give us a break. We laughed at this suggestion but man, I need a break, and the thought of a break would certainly be welcomed.

By the way, would you believe I literally dozed off towards the end of my pilates class tonight, might have been just a few seconds, or perhaps it was minutes as at the end of the class, our instructor asked if I was okay. Hope I didn’t snore!

Any tips on how to get JD to sleep for a longer stretch at night?