Wednesday & Friends


Happy Wednesday all!

Quickly recovering from yesterday’s cool and cloudy day, the sun made a much welcome appearance for a planned day out at our local park & then our award winning gallery. I met up with my two good friends & their babies who are a few months older than my bunny, JD. Catching up with the ladies both looking fabulous with shades on, I was inspired to kick off a new project, rethink an existing idea and left remaining unconvinced that #groufie (group selfie) was a real word/slang. It’s nice that our older kids are the same age and Missy is really good friends with both. Wouldn’t it be grand if JD becomes good friends with the fellow younger siblings too? No pressure bunny.

Speaking of friendships, JD was very giggly and chatty with a baby this evening. He giggled as the baby giggled, babbled as the baby did the same etc. Sounds silly but it was absolutely hilarious to watch. This new friend? His reflection in the mirror.

What was the highlight of your Wednesday?



Z is for ZZZ

My bunny JD is having a bit of a rough patch (though a rough patch would infer a brief occurence, which this isn’t). Now 3.5mths old, he wakes every 1-2hrs to feed at night. As a treat, he’d sometimes let me sleep for 3 straight hours before rousing. (Jeez, thanks bunny!).
As a mother to a little baby, I accept the interrupted sleep during these early days is part of package, particularly for a baby who is exclusively breastfed (well, until 2 nights ago). Doesn’t take away from my body’s desire to shut down and reboot. In conversation with a dear friend recently, she joked that for mother’s day, dads should take the kids away to give us a break. We laughed at this suggestion but man, I need a break, and the thought of a break would certainly be welcomed.

By the way, would you believe I literally dozed off towards the end of my pilates class tonight, might have been just a few seconds, or perhaps it was minutes as at the end of the class, our instructor asked if I was okay. Hope I didn’t snore!

Any tips on how to get JD to sleep for a longer stretch at night?