Another school hols? Yes please.

Well the half term school hols is upon us again. This time, it feels like we’ve only just recovered from the last school hols! I do love school hols though, a break from our usual daily routine and days filled with lots of fun activities for Missy. (I’ll probably have my rose tinted glasses knocked off when I return to work with, what with the costly holiday clubs but for now I’ll embrace them as they come).

Anyhoo, we’ve kicked off the half term holidays with a long weekend in Devon. Tonight we enjoyed a late night stroll on the beach and under the direction of Daddy Bunny, we all closed our eyes for 30secs to enjoy the sounds of the waves (well, all of us except baby JD who kept his eyes wide open, presumably trying to take in this new experience, having never been to the beach before).

I shall try to take some pics this weekend and share on my next blog post.

It is also a bank holiday weekend in UK & Ireland. For those enjoying the break, cheers from us to you.