All about JD

Baby JD is now an eight month old crawling-standing-cruising baby.  In the last week, tooth number 3 has arrived with toot number 4 about to make an appearance.  It is a painful process so he has been a bit ill with lots of cuddles required to get through the past week.  Irrespective, he is a much much better sleeper than he was in much earlier blog posts. I should write a separate post on that to help other parents struggling with baby’s sleeping pattern.  During the day, Baby JD can often be found clinging on to my legs (which always makes housework tricky when we’re alone), others you’ll find him being merrily entertained by his Number 1 fan (Missy) or being lulled to sleep by Daddy Bunny.  Yesterday, JD and I had a lovely lunch with my colleagues at Harris & Hoole. As he slept in the back seat of the car on the way home, I thought about my sweet little boy everyone was co-ing over yesterday.  He has nothing but love to give. we have nothing but love for him.

I love him even though he headbutted me so hard last week that I had a badly bruised lower lip for days. I love him even though when he does the occasional massive poo, I secretly wish that someone else, ANYONE else, was home so I could pass on nappy duty (muhahaha).  Missy loves him even though he’s always eagerly dashing towards her or her orderly ‘big girl’ toys when she just wants some quiet study time or play time. My mother loves him even though he enters her home, wrecks her living room, crawls over all the barriers put in his way then leaves (her glass top coffee table is a big attraction at the moment).  Daddy Bunny is always, cool as a fan and takes the big poos, ankle grabbing, in his stride and talks to his little boy about all sorts.

Sweet little boy. and a shout out to him for sleeping longer between night feeds.  So glad those sleepless nights are largely over.



How do you do it?


This is soo going to be us soon. Heck, its already like this when Missy joins us sometimes at the weekend!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about sleep here, in a sleepy haze. 3 weeks later, the situation has not much improved, but I am thankful that JD has gone back to napping much better during the day so I am less worried about his lack of sleep. Generally, he’s still a happy, cute and healthy bunny, so can’t be mad at him.

Anyhooo, since the last post, we’ve introduced one formula feed at night (well, every other night). This doesn’t help much, except that he wakes every 2-3hrs, not every 1-2hrs (yaay, lucky me!). I saw a health visitor earlier this week who suggested we start weaning him – at 4mths! Not sure how I feel about introducing solid food much earlier than the recommended 6mth age, I’ll give it some further thought before I do. I still feel really tired sometimes but still find the inner strength to get things done, inside and outside our home. Someone recently asked how I manage to fit it all in. I honestly don’t know but don’t we all? That annoying account you’ve landed that has you working 60hours weeks; The sickly child that wails and wails That intense project that zaps the life out of you. I remember my most challenging and complex project, I literally had my first grey strands of hair working on that memorable project, although it did help my career immensely.

Soo, this morning? I’ve been awake since 5am as JD decided he’d lie wide awake happily chattering away till around 7am. My family will all nod in agreement that 5am is way too early for me as I’ve always crawled out of bed at 7am or later. Thankfully, Daddy Bunny was on school run duty today so I planned to crawl back into bed after kissing Missy goodbye. But as soon as she left, with JD now fast asleep, I thought it’d be the perfect time to do the bakes for this Saturday’s school Easter Activity Day + my sisters birthday and also to get my home in order. And I did just that. The house with its freshly baked goods smells much better too. yummmmy. Just hope I don’t doze off in pilates again tonight!

How do you feel today?


Wednesday & Friends


Happy Wednesday all!

Quickly recovering from yesterday’s cool and cloudy day, the sun made a much welcome appearance for a planned day out at our local park & then our award winning gallery. I met up with my two good friends & their babies who are a few months older than my bunny, JD. Catching up with the ladies both looking fabulous with shades on, I was inspired to kick off a new project, rethink an existing idea and left remaining unconvinced that #groufie (group selfie) was a real word/slang. It’s nice that our older kids are the same age and Missy is really good friends with both. Wouldn’t it be grand if JD becomes good friends with the fellow younger siblings too? No pressure bunny.

Speaking of friendships, JD was very giggly and chatty with a baby this evening. He giggled as the baby giggled, babbled as the baby did the same etc. Sounds silly but it was absolutely hilarious to watch. This new friend? His reflection in the mirror.

What was the highlight of your Wednesday?