The term to end all terms

We’re full swing into the final week of the summer term Missy’s first year of school. woop woop

I recall a warm cloudy day in Sept 2013. Missy was chattering away excitedly, skipping between Daddy Bunny and I (me with a 7mth old bump in tow), as we walked towards her school gates on her first day of school.  She is bright, sociable and very confident and true to form, she settled well into school with a wide mix of friends across school.

It’s been a whirlwind of a school year but as we’ve gotten off on good start with phonics and all areas of the curriculum, navigated school politics, the umpteen parent workshops, school trips, newsletters, PTA events and fayres, it’s time to say farewell to Reception.  We have had a very good teacher and teaching assistant but she is looking forward to starting Year 1, has met her new teacher and visited her new classroom.

Missy starts her final week of this term with an end of year party at school today. We’ve baked some banana cake and lemon cupcakes as our contribution to the party feast.  A few mums and I are having an end of year picnic in the park (yes, yes we find any excuse to meet up). The weather has been very kind too.

As Missy looks forward to starting Year 1 in Sept 2014, I am working through the family targets for the year ahead, among which includes my return to work later this year, with Baby JD starting nursery after his 1st birthday in Nov 2014.  Besides serious targets, we have more fun stuff like birthdays (mine in Oct, JD & Daddy Bunny in Nov, Missy’s on New Year’s Eve) and of course, the C-word, Christmas.



Happy Campers


This weekend, the Bunny family went our first camping trip. Daddy Bunny recalls lots of happy camping memories from his childhood in North America, but it never quite appealed to me. I did try to convince friends to join us on a camping trip a few years ago (I figured going with friends and other kids will make it more bearable for all) but my attempt failed and I just never bothered again.

Roll on a few years, our school PTA organised an annual family camping trip to Debden House. After much deliberation and encouragement from other mums over bottles of wine one night, we signed up and off we went, on what was predicted to be a very wet weekend. And oh my, what a joy it was. Even the weather was very kind to us and was very hot and sunny during the day. It was so joyous to watch the kids (about 30-40 families from school in our cordoned off area) having a whale of a time playing freely, parents hurdled around the BBQ, marshmallows and jokes around the bonfire, topped off with a late night organised walk around the woods which had the kids shrieking with excitement before they all crashed into their tents, fast asleep with the beautiful sounds of the raindrops falling on our tents.
It was A LOT of gear to pack for just a short trip. We had a borrowed tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, warm clothes, wellies and some food supplies. Not sure what we could have done without, will give that some thought before our next camping trip. Yes, there will be another one, sooner than you might think :o)




Say What?!

After school yesterday, Missy and I sat on the dining table to go through this week’s reading book from school. She is in Reception. The books are part of their ‘homework’, sent home weekly for kids to practice reading with/to their parents or carers. This week’s book is titled Lucky Ducks by…..

Well, she starts reading the story and stops to point out that ‘Duck’ rhymes with ‘Luck’. “Oh yes, it does”, I say. She then suggested we take turns to say other words that had the ‘uck’ sound. “Okay, you go first”, I say. She said ‘tuck’. I said ‘suck’. She said ‘F*ck’. I tried hard not to gasp, and then realised she meant ‘Fork’. Phew. We swiftly moved on to reading the book.

Had a good week lovely readers?


Easter Holidays

The Easter School Holidays is in full swing over here.  What a busy period it’s been with Missy being off school, so much so that my lovely new blog hasn’t been updated all week. We stayed in London and have had such a great time, even the weather has been kind to us. With 4 days left to go, here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to so far.

In no particular order, Missy’s holiday has been peppered with playdates, sleepover, outings to the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), the Royal Air Force Museum and the cinema to watch the hilarious Mr Peabody & Sherman, (I love animations that manage to be equally engaging to both the older and younger audience, Mr Peabody did well on this and I’d recommend you see it).  We had a really fun day out with Missy’s school friends/mums visiting a local farm and playground followed by a picnic.  A friend hosted an Easter party that went down really with the 14 kids attending and the parents. I made a bunny cake for the easter party which I had reservations about but it went down well. Daddy Bunny joined the party in the evening and we found ourselves happily strolling home way past my bunnies’ bedtime. I even enjoyed a glass of Prosecco on this day and hoped JD would be okay (well, of course he was).  We had a family picnic this week wandering through the 2.46-hectare Epping Forest where Daddy Bunny and Missy fed the geese and birds my homemade bread (and where I made a mental note to get a baby carrier for JD before we venture back to the forest. The pushchair is just no match for the woodlands). My bunnies and I spent yesterday with Missy’s Godbrothers and some other friends at the beautiful country park, Trent Park, where the kids went cycling, kite-flying, went on the adventure playground before heading back to her Godbrothers’ house for another Easter egg hunt, some more games and dinner/tea.

We’ve taken a pause today but we did go to see Grandma (my mum) briefly where Missy was given even more easter eggs to add to her haul.  Naturally, as she’s not allowed to eat too many chocs and sweets, we’re giving her a helping hand (or mouth?) lol.  Throughout the hols, we have managed to keep up Missy’s reading and writing. We’re proud that she’s doing so well and she relishes the independence. We’re back on the road tomorrow and will try to provide an update on the latter part of the Easter hols for the next blog.

Havn’t downloaded pics of our camera yet but below some related clips/pics. What has been the highlight of your Easter holidays?






Epping Forest – Boating on Hollow Pond


I still find this glass sculpture by Dave Chihuly absolutely magnificent,

I still find this glass sculpture by Dave Chihuly absolutely magnificent.

It’s World Book Day

Someone, somewhere decided that 6th March would be this year’s World Book Day, an annual event that has been around for much longer than my little bunnies.

Missy started school in Sept 2013 so I’ve been looking forward to dressing her up for her first ‘book day’ event. She does love fancy dress, but I’m definitely way more excited than she appears to be on this one. Armed with inside info from parents with slightly older kids, I learnt a while ago that most schools invite pupils to attend school dressed as their favourite book characters. So, at the start of the year, I asked Missy what her favourite book was. Well, there are several but without a doubt, as expected, she shrieked that her top choice is ‘Cat in the Hat’ by Dr Seuss which was perfect as this gave me the opportunity to get her dressed in what would hopefully be a less common costume in her class. Yaaay, not another princess costume (there’s always many of those at the school playground on dress up days).
I started researching what I’d need to make her costume but as I’m not the craftiest (if that’s even a real word) of mums, so cue, a trip to my favourite online store (that’s Amazon) to order this perfect Cat in the Hat costume for her.



Just as well I ordered early, the letter from school gave us a week’s notice of the World Book Day event…that would have been hefty express delivery charge from Amazon for our perfect costume. Our local library is also hosting a World Book Day party which starts at 4pm so I’ll be taking Missy along to that BUT not before she is fed and watered (why, oh why, does she always come home ravishingly hungry after school?)

How did your bunnies celebrate today?