Tea time

Happy Wednesday all.

Bedtime routines were out the window last night as The Bunny family headed out to celebrate Missy’s Godbrother’s 11th birthday (Still cant believe he’s 11!!).  Great evening with the adults indulging in sips of spirits and wine, while I very happily enjoyed several cups of team in this baby from Laura Ashley, my new favourite tea pot which I absolutely have to buy for myself.

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute isn’t it? ..and it’ll be just for Mummy Bunny :o)




The Art of Gift Wrapping

Missy joined a great private nursery at 7months old and moved to larger nursery the year before she started school. We have kept in touch with some friends from both nurseries, have new friends from school and still maintain friendships with kids we know outside these settings. Why do I mention this? Well, lots of friends = lots of parties and my gosh, kids do have a lot of parties. What was my grand plan for my birthday last year? A day home alone, on the sofa, phones off, watching TV all day. That’s exactly what i did, but I digress.

If her diary’s free, we’d usually attend the ones that..:
a) …Missy really wants to go to
b) …are parties hosted by our personal friends

This brings me to my next thought, presents. I now have the whole gift-giving process down to a science and I have shared this on forums in the past. I now no longer need to panic buy at last minute. Some kids get generic (but nice) gifts, closer friends get something a bit more thoughtful. No issues on any of the above.

The issue is gift wrapping. I have wrapped one too many presents and now seek inspiration for new simple gift wrapping techiniques. My skills aren’t bad but almost every child, at some point, has been given my signature style wrapping which I learnt from Missy’s Godmother almost a decade ago (yep, before Missy was conceived). I do know the wrapping gets tossed aside and for larger/ busier parties, the effort goes unnoticed but I do love Missy trotting off to her friend’s party carefully bearing a beautifully wrapped gift.

Here’s my signature style. Do share any ideas you have, I think it’s time to make gift wrapping exciting again.