Tea time

Happy Wednesday all.

Bedtime routines were out the window last night as The Bunny family headed out to celebrate Missy’s Godbrother’s 11th birthday (Still cant believe he’s 11!!).  Great evening with the adults indulging in sips of spirits and wine, while I very happily enjoyed several cups of team in this baby from Laura Ashley, my new favourite tea pot which I absolutely have to buy for myself.

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute isn’t it? ..and it’ll be just for Mummy Bunny :o)




Toothy Fruity

Missy’s had two ‘wobbly’ teeth since the start of the school Easter hols. They’re her central incissors (on the upper teeth), well, one of them finally fell out last night, much to her relief.  Missy started loosing her milk teeth quite early, while she was 4yrs old, so she knew just what to do with the tooth.  With a skip and a hop, she went to bed with the tooth tucked well under her pillow.  And so, so she had another visit from the tooth fairy so we had a very happy start to the day and a happy lunch time at school when she opened her lunch bag to find the Fruity Butterfly (pic below) in her lunch bag.


Fruity Butterfly :o)


Hope you’re all having a good week so far. Out of interest, how generous is the Tooth Fairy in your household and how long does the Tooth Fairy continue to visit?!

Red Onion Fougasse Bread

Missy’s now off school for the Easter break. She was busy having fun with her friend who came over for a playdate and with JD having his morning nap, I had an hour to try a recipe I’ve been meaning to try since I came across it. I made this Focaccia-style bread for the Bunny family to have with some hearty soup for dinner. It turned out delish(!) so thought I’d share the source and recipe and a photo of the goodies.


Loretta's Kitchen

IMG_4167 This flat, round fougasse loaf is very popular all over France and is a very similar to the Italian focaccia. Here I decided to make a mustard/ garlic butter which I brushed over the bread once baked, if I’m honest I was trying to mimic the fougasse garlic bread I love so much which is served at the restaurant Cafe Rouge , which came drenched in this garlic butter sauce which tasted like none other. But I digress, this bread is as enjoyable and fun to share and tear over some soup! I strongly recommend using a strong white bread flour for this recipe, it will make such a big difference to the to the texture: the bread turned out really nice and fluffy on the inside and with a light crust. I also found it expanded in size quite a bit, so make sure you leave a lot of space…

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Where have you been all my life?

No, this is not a post about Rhianna’s song of the same title so please, read on 🙂

Missy, JD and I had just sad down for dinner last night when Daddy Bunny came home. He asked us to guess what he brought home for dessert. Over 20 guesses later, Missy and I gave up.

He then joins us for dinner, bearing a box of treats from Cinnabon. Now, I’ve never tried their supposedly world famous cinnamon rolls but my gosh, while eating my delicious half-a-cinnabon-roll ever so slowly, I kept wondering, where has this been all my life? Thanks Daddy B!

A very indulgent treat. But in this year that the Bunny Family are trying to eat healthier, this is definitely a treat, not the norm.  The guys are Cinnabon are keen to let customers know that all their products are halal and suitable for vegeterians.  Oh okay then, enjoy.

Have you ever had a Cinnabon Roll?


Skinny Scrumptious Cake

Somewhere near the top of this year’s to-do list (no, not ‘resolutions’) is cakes. I’d like to bake more, particularly, celebration cakes. This is somewhat contradictory to another entry higher up this year’s to-do list, which is healthier meals for the family. Soo, the plan is to enjoy the bakes but share them with family & friends so as not to throw our healthier-eating year completely off course.

Rather timely, a friend sent me recipes from an article in Women’s Health Magazine on skinny cakes by celebrity cook, Amber Rose. Click here the full article including recipes. Given the lack of sleep (which continues since my last blog post on the subject), I thought I’d try the energy boosting recipe made with Spelt Flour. By the time I thought to take a photo, there was a measly slice left so thought I’d share the recipe instead – see  below.

Baked any interesting cakes or treats you’d care to share?




Serves: 6 | Cals: 422 | Sat fat: 14.9g | Ready in: 40 mins
The sweet hit in this baked treat comes from low-fructose maple syrup, which will stave off blood-sugar crashes and stop you reaching for the biscuit tin come 4pm. Genius.
INGREDIENTS: 160g softened unsalted butter, 160g sifted white spelt flour, 2 large free-range eggs, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 160g maple syrup, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, Small squeeze of lemon juice
FOR THE FILLING: 3 tablespoons of your favourite sugar-free jam, 150ml low-fat crème fraîche (whipped to ribbon consistency)
TO DECORATE: Unrefined icing sugar, Fresh flowers

1/ Okay then… Preheat the oven to 180°C before greasing and lining two 16cm loose-bottomed sandwich tins.
2/ Time to get stuck in. In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter until pale and fluffy. Add 2-3 tablespoons of flour and beat in the eggs until you have a light, fluffy mixture (if it’s curdling, add another tablespoon of flour.) Add the remaining flour and baking powder, then the maple syrup and vanilla extract and fold it all together. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and fold again. Got that?
3/ Divide the mixture between the tins, level the tops and bake for 25 minutes. Leave to cool for 5 minutes in the tin before turning out on to a wire rack to finish cooling. No nibbling yet.
4/ When the cakes are cool, spread the bottom layer with jam, then crème fraîche. Put on the top cake, dust with icing sugar and scatter with flowers. Share with your favourite person. Or scoff the lot alone. We won’t judge.


Pancake day

Pancakes feature regularly on our weekend breakfast menu, perhaps more regularly than a traditional English breakfast. Soo when pancake day (or Shrove Tuesday)comes round, I do try to serve the pancakes a little different to our usual fare. Here’s this year’s attempt.

A few weeks ago, while feeding JD (I still seem to be doing a lot of feeding), i thought I shod make some fun shaped pancakes. I’ve attempted these in the past, turning the batter into our initials, or minnie mouse etc but this year, I thought I’d make it even more exciting for Missy. So I contacted one of my closest friends, Google, and asked for inspiration. My dear Google never fails me so I had all the inspiration I needed to get this pancake day started.

Roll on 4th March (Pancake day/ Shrove Tuesday). I find myself wide awake at 6am, no thanks to JD who woke me every hour during the night to feed (what was up with that?). He too lay wide awake at 6am, way too early for me. Luckily for all, I had big pancake plans on my mind on this morning, so the horrible night’s sleep was not the subject of conversation that day. How refreshing.

Missy woke up at her usual time of 7.30am, and ready for her, was a choice of the pancakes below. She was truly happy, which probably explained the extra kiss I got on the playground when I dropped her off (the sort that isn’t an ‘absent-minded -yeah-whatever-mum’ kiss, but the sort that is deliberate and makes you feel very special and loved.)

How did you mark the day?