Does my bott look big in this?

After over 12yrs with my current employer, it’s almost time to say au revoir and hóla to a new company, new team. This does mean my jolly year of maternity leave comes to an end soon but to celebrate Daddy Bunny came home from work with my fave bottle of red wine, remembering that I don’t actually like champagne (although I am partial to a glass of prosecco..I know, cheap date!).

Anyhoo, the bottle was a tad bigger than our usual, I had to take a picture of it next to my bottle of shiraz for comparison. I’m not a huge drinker, but my practical self is merry and happy.




All about JD

Baby JD is now an eight month old crawling-standing-cruising baby.  In the last week, tooth number 3 has arrived with toot number 4 about to make an appearance.  It is a painful process so he has been a bit ill with lots of cuddles required to get through the past week.  Irrespective, he is a much much better sleeper than he was in much earlier blog posts. I should write a separate post on that to help other parents struggling with baby’s sleeping pattern.  During the day, Baby JD can often be found clinging on to my legs (which always makes housework tricky when we’re alone), others you’ll find him being merrily entertained by his Number 1 fan (Missy) or being lulled to sleep by Daddy Bunny.  Yesterday, JD and I had a lovely lunch with my colleagues at Harris & Hoole. As he slept in the back seat of the car on the way home, I thought about my sweet little boy everyone was co-ing over yesterday.  He has nothing but love to give. we have nothing but love for him.

I love him even though he headbutted me so hard last week that I had a badly bruised lower lip for days. I love him even though when he does the occasional massive poo, I secretly wish that someone else, ANYONE else, was home so I could pass on nappy duty (muhahaha).  Missy loves him even though he’s always eagerly dashing towards her or her orderly ‘big girl’ toys when she just wants some quiet study time or play time. My mother loves him even though he enters her home, wrecks her living room, crawls over all the barriers put in his way then leaves (her glass top coffee table is a big attraction at the moment).  Daddy Bunny is always, cool as a fan and takes the big poos, ankle grabbing, in his stride and talks to his little boy about all sorts.

Sweet little boy. and a shout out to him for sleeping longer between night feeds.  So glad those sleepless nights are largely over.


Easy like Sunday morning

That’s why I’m easy, I’m easy like Sunday morning.

Oops, no, I didn’t mean to singalong to Lionel Richie’s Easy song but this pretty much sums up how the Bunny family felt this morning.  Sometime between us clearing our breakfast dishes and getting ready to go visit my mum, we decided we would go out for a walk down Walthamstow Marshes, a nature reserve which lies within Lee Valley Park.  Yes, Yes, we thought, we know we’ve got tonnes to do at home before we leave for my mum’s, but what the heck, let’s go.  And in 20seconds, a decision was made and off we went, all four of us, on a easy breezy Sunday morning walk. Perhaps I should have taken more photos, but I didn’t. So here’s my measly attempt.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend.









Happy Campers


This weekend, the Bunny family went our first camping trip. Daddy Bunny recalls lots of happy camping memories from his childhood in North America, but it never quite appealed to me. I did try to convince friends to join us on a camping trip a few years ago (I figured going with friends and other kids will make it more bearable for all) but my attempt failed and I just never bothered again.

Roll on a few years, our school PTA organised an annual family camping trip to Debden House. After much deliberation and encouragement from other mums over bottles of wine one night, we signed up and off we went, on what was predicted to be a very wet weekend. And oh my, what a joy it was. Even the weather was very kind to us and was very hot and sunny during the day. It was so joyous to watch the kids (about 30-40 families from school in our cordoned off area) having a whale of a time playing freely, parents hurdled around the BBQ, marshmallows and jokes around the bonfire, topped off with a late night organised walk around the woods which had the kids shrieking with excitement before they all crashed into their tents, fast asleep with the beautiful sounds of the raindrops falling on our tents.
It was A LOT of gear to pack for just a short trip. We had a borrowed tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, warm clothes, wellies and some food supplies. Not sure what we could have done without, will give that some thought before our next camping trip. Yes, there will be another one, sooner than you might think :o)




Another school hols? Yes please.

Well the half term school hols is upon us again. This time, it feels like we’ve only just recovered from the last school hols! I do love school hols though, a break from our usual daily routine and days filled with lots of fun activities for Missy. (I’ll probably have my rose tinted glasses knocked off when I return to work with, what with the costly holiday clubs but for now I’ll embrace them as they come).

Anyhoo, we’ve kicked off the half term holidays with a long weekend in Devon. Tonight we enjoyed a late night stroll on the beach and under the direction of Daddy Bunny, we all closed our eyes for 30secs to enjoy the sounds of the waves (well, all of us except baby JD who kept his eyes wide open, presumably trying to take in this new experience, having never been to the beach before).

I shall try to take some pics this weekend and share on my next blog post.

It is also a bank holiday weekend in UK & Ireland. For those enjoying the break, cheers from us to you.



Mother’s Day Part Deux

My beloved mother-in-law is on her way to visit us from Canada. She arrives today, where Mother’s Day is being celebrated today.  She suggested her son (otherwise known as my husband, Daddy Bunny) treat both her and I to a lovely Mother’s Day lunch.  Well, I won’t say no to that, good enough reason to put my feet up today.  Whilst on that note, do take 4mins of your busy day to watch the “Toughest Job” video below. With over 15millions views, you’ve probably seen this already :o)

Does Motherhood feel like a ‘job’ to you?


Tea time

Happy Wednesday all.

Bedtime routines were out the window last night as The Bunny family headed out to celebrate Missy’s Godbrother’s 11th birthday (Still cant believe he’s 11!!).  Great evening with the adults indulging in sips of spirits and wine, while I very happily enjoyed several cups of team in this baby from Laura Ashley, my new favourite tea pot which I absolutely have to buy for myself.

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute isn’t it? ..and it’ll be just for Mummy Bunny :o)