Say What?!

After school yesterday, Missy and I sat on the dining table to go through this week’s reading book from school. She is in Reception. The books are part of their ‘homework’, sent home weekly for kids to practice reading with/to their parents or carers. This week’s book is titled Lucky Ducks by…..

Well, she starts reading the story and stops to point out that ‘Duck’ rhymes with ‘Luck’. “Oh yes, it does”, I say. She then suggested we take turns to say other words that had the ‘uck’ sound. “Okay, you go first”, I say. She said ‘tuck’. I said ‘suck’. She said ‘F*ck’. I tried hard not to gasp, and then realised she meant ‘Fork’. Phew. We swiftly moved on to reading the book.

Had a good week lovely readers?



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