Another school hols? Yes please.

Well the half term school hols is upon us again. This time, it feels like we’ve only just recovered from the last school hols! I do love school hols though, a break from our usual daily routine and days filled with lots of fun activities for Missy. (I’ll probably have my rose tinted glasses knocked off when I return to work with, what with the costly holiday clubs but for now I’ll embrace them as they come).

Anyhoo, we’ve kicked off the half term holidays with a long weekend in Devon. Tonight we enjoyed a late night stroll on the beach and under the direction of Daddy Bunny, we all closed our eyes for 30secs to enjoy the sounds of the waves (well, all of us except baby JD who kept his eyes wide open, presumably trying to take in this new experience, having never been to the beach before).

I shall try to take some pics this weekend and share on my next blog post.

It is also a bank holiday weekend in UK & Ireland. For those enjoying the break, cheers from us to you.




Mother’s Day Part Deux

My beloved mother-in-law is on her way to visit us from Canada. She arrives today, where Mother’s Day is being celebrated today.  She suggested her son (otherwise known as my husband, Daddy Bunny) treat both her and I to a lovely Mother’s Day lunch.  Well, I won’t say no to that, good enough reason to put my feet up today.  Whilst on that note, do take 4mins of your busy day to watch the “Toughest Job” video below. With over 15millions views, you’ve probably seen this already :o)

Does Motherhood feel like a ‘job’ to you?


Tea time

Happy Wednesday all.

Bedtime routines were out the window last night as The Bunny family headed out to celebrate Missy’s Godbrother’s 11th birthday (Still cant believe he’s 11!!).  Great evening with the adults indulging in sips of spirits and wine, while I very happily enjoyed several cups of team in this baby from Laura Ashley, my new favourite tea pot which I absolutely have to buy for myself.

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute tea pot and cup set from Laura Ashley

Cute isn’t it? ..and it’ll be just for Mummy Bunny :o)



Say What?!

After school yesterday, Missy and I sat on the dining table to go through this week’s reading book from school. She is in Reception. The books are part of their ‘homework’, sent home weekly for kids to practice reading with/to their parents or carers. This week’s book is titled Lucky Ducks by…..

Well, she starts reading the story and stops to point out that ‘Duck’ rhymes with ‘Luck’. “Oh yes, it does”, I say. She then suggested we take turns to say other words that had the ‘uck’ sound. “Okay, you go first”, I say. She said ‘tuck’. I said ‘suck’. She said ‘F*ck’. I tried hard not to gasp, and then realised she meant ‘Fork’. Phew. We swiftly moved on to reading the book.

Had a good week lovely readers?