(soon-to-be) Refreshed

Happy Sunday.

You know you’re off to a good start when you wake up and your first thought is the spa day planned for that day. Oh yes, I certainly need that today (well, I’ll take a spa day any day to be honest! No excuse needed).

We’re going to CityPoint Spa, a spa/health club in the CityPoint building near Barbican. With our booking, we get full use of the club’s facilities all day. This includes the spa, gym and the pool, thought I wont be anywhere near the gym. And I wont be at the spa ALL day, as I’m still breastfeeding JD but I hope I can manage a gooood half day session. Daddy Bunny will be with our two little bunnies and I’m sure they’ll have a fun day together indoors. I have a massage booked which I’m looking forward to, but most of all, I look forward to a few hours of peace and relaxation. I’ve never been to this spa so a quick google check showed this lovely image online.

Swimsuit packed and I’m off…yippee.  I could spend many days doing this. Do share any spas you’ve been to.

Have a lovely day



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