Toothy Fruity

Missy’s had two ‘wobbly’ teeth since the start of the school Easter hols. They’re her central incissors (on the upper teeth), well, one of them finally fell out last night, much to her relief.  Missy started loosing her milk teeth quite early, while she was 4yrs old, so she knew just what to do with the tooth.  With a skip and a hop, she went to bed with the tooth tucked well under her pillow.  And so, so she had another visit from the tooth fairy so we had a very happy start to the day and a happy lunch time at school when she opened her lunch bag to find the Fruity Butterfly (pic below) in her lunch bag.


Fruity Butterfly :o)


Hope you’re all having a good week so far. Out of interest, how generous is the Tooth Fairy in your household and how long does the Tooth Fairy continue to visit?!


2 thoughts on “Toothy Fruity

  1. How pretty Missy’s fruit was. :0) Do you have any ideas for boys packed lunch.
    We give my son £2 per tooth. Thankfully he has only had one fall out so far.
    I have a feeling the tooth fairy won’t be so generous the next time round. Hehehe
    Thank you for your posts, such a joy to read.


    • Thanks for the lovely feedback. I’m planning to do a fruity-pizza sometime soon that’ll work for lunch, will post a pic when I do. Its using water melons cut in triangles as the (pizza-style) base, then topped with fruit that’ll mimic pizza toppings (eg black grapes instead of black olives). Cool huh?


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