Red Onion Fougasse Bread

Missy’s now off school for the Easter break. She was busy having fun with her friend who came over for a playdate and with JD having his morning nap, I had an hour to try a recipe I’ve been meaning to try since I came across it. I made this Focaccia-style bread for the Bunny family to have with some hearty soup for dinner. It turned out delish(!) so thought I’d share the source and recipe and a photo of the goodies.


Loretta's Kitchen

IMG_4167 This flat, round fougasse loaf is very popular all over France and is a very similar to the Italian focaccia. Here I decided to make a mustard/ garlic butter which I brushed over the bread once baked, if I’m honest I was trying to mimic the fougasse garlic bread I love so much which is served at the restaurant Cafe Rouge , which came drenched in this garlic butter sauce which tasted like none other. But I digress, this bread is as enjoyable and fun to share and tear over some soup! I strongly recommend using a strong white bread flour for this recipe, it will make such a big difference to the to the texture: the bread turned out really nice and fluffy on the inside and with a light crust. I also found it expanded in size quite a bit, so make sure you leave a lot of space…

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