(soon-to-be) Refreshed

Happy Sunday.

You know you’re off to a good start when you wake up and your first thought is the spa day planned for that day. Oh yes, I certainly need that today (well, I’ll take a spa day any day to be honest! No excuse needed).

We’re going to CityPoint Spa, a spa/health club in the CityPoint building near Barbican. With our booking, we get full use of the club’s facilities all day. This includes the spa, gym and the pool, thought I wont be anywhere near the gym. And I wont be at the spa ALL day, as I’m still breastfeeding JD but I hope I can manage a gooood half day session. Daddy Bunny will be with our two little bunnies and I’m sure they’ll have a fun day together indoors. I have a massage booked which I’m looking forward to, but most of all, I look forward to a few hours of peace and relaxation. I’ve never been to this spa so a quick google check showed this lovely image online.

Swimsuit packed and I’m off…yippee.  I could spend many days doing this. Do share any spas you’ve been to.

Have a lovely day



Toothy Fruity

Missy’s had two ‘wobbly’ teeth since the start of the school Easter hols. They’re her central incissors (on the upper teeth), well, one of them finally fell out last night, much to her relief.  Missy started loosing her milk teeth quite early, while she was 4yrs old, so she knew just what to do with the tooth.  With a skip and a hop, she went to bed with the tooth tucked well under her pillow.  And so, so she had another visit from the tooth fairy so we had a very happy start to the day and a happy lunch time at school when she opened her lunch bag to find the Fruity Butterfly (pic below) in her lunch bag.


Fruity Butterfly :o)


Hope you’re all having a good week so far. Out of interest, how generous is the Tooth Fairy in your household and how long does the Tooth Fairy continue to visit?!

Easter Holidays

The Easter School Holidays is in full swing over here.  What a busy period it’s been with Missy being off school, so much so that my lovely new blog hasn’t been updated all week. We stayed in London and have had such a great time, even the weather has been kind to us. With 4 days left to go, here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to so far.

In no particular order, Missy’s holiday has been peppered with playdates, sleepover, outings to the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), the Royal Air Force Museum and the cinema to watch the hilarious Mr Peabody & Sherman, (I love animations that manage to be equally engaging to both the older and younger audience, Mr Peabody did well on this and I’d recommend you see it).  We had a really fun day out with Missy’s school friends/mums visiting a local farm and playground followed by a picnic.  A friend hosted an Easter party that went down really with the 14 kids attending and the parents. I made a bunny cake for the easter party which I had reservations about but it went down well. Daddy Bunny joined the party in the evening and we found ourselves happily strolling home way past my bunnies’ bedtime. I even enjoyed a glass of Prosecco on this day and hoped JD would be okay (well, of course he was).  We had a family picnic this week wandering through the 2.46-hectare Epping Forest where Daddy Bunny and Missy fed the geese and birds my homemade bread (and where I made a mental note to get a baby carrier for JD before we venture back to the forest. The pushchair is just no match for the woodlands). My bunnies and I spent yesterday with Missy’s Godbrothers and some other friends at the beautiful country park, Trent Park, where the kids went cycling, kite-flying, went on the adventure playground before heading back to her Godbrothers’ house for another Easter egg hunt, some more games and dinner/tea.

We’ve taken a pause today but we did go to see Grandma (my mum) briefly where Missy was given even more easter eggs to add to her haul.  Naturally, as she’s not allowed to eat too many chocs and sweets, we’re giving her a helping hand (or mouth?) lol.  Throughout the hols, we have managed to keep up Missy’s reading and writing. We’re proud that she’s doing so well and she relishes the independence. We’re back on the road tomorrow and will try to provide an update on the latter part of the Easter hols for the next blog.

Havn’t downloaded pics of our camera yet but below some related clips/pics. What has been the highlight of your Easter holidays?






Epping Forest – Boating on Hollow Pond


I still find this glass sculpture by Dave Chihuly absolutely magnificent,

I still find this glass sculpture by Dave Chihuly absolutely magnificent.

Red Onion Fougasse Bread

Missy’s now off school for the Easter break. She was busy having fun with her friend who came over for a playdate and with JD having his morning nap, I had an hour to try a recipe I’ve been meaning to try since I came across it. I made this Focaccia-style bread for the Bunny family to have with some hearty soup for dinner. It turned out delish(!) so thought I’d share the source and recipe and a photo of the goodies.


Loretta's Kitchen

IMG_4167 This flat, round fougasse loaf is very popular all over France and is a very similar to the Italian focaccia. Here I decided to make a mustard/ garlic butter which I brushed over the bread once baked, if I’m honest I was trying to mimic the fougasse garlic bread I love so much which is served at the restaurant Cafe Rouge , which came drenched in this garlic butter sauce which tasted like none other. But I digress, this bread is as enjoyable and fun to share and tear over some soup! I strongly recommend using a strong white bread flour for this recipe, it will make such a big difference to the to the texture: the bread turned out really nice and fluffy on the inside and with a light crust. I also found it expanded in size quite a bit, so make sure you leave a lot of space…

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These are a few of my favourite things

On my 2014 to-do list for this year (yep, that one I mentioned in this blog post), I plan to clear out the items we have in storage, and have had for years. We aren’t hoarders (well I don’t think we are) but with Missy’s arrival 5yrs ago, I’ve clung on to so many clothes, books, toys etc, just in case we have another girl. Well, we now have a boy, JD. Daddy Bunny has had me see reason and I am more than happy to let go.

I put off starting this task since January, but with spring in the air, I sprung into action (get it?) this month. First up, is a clear out of all her old clothes, withholding a few unisex items for JD and sending the rest out door. Well, that was my initial plan until a friend suggested I might want to hold on to a few items for, keepsake. Sound advice cos oh my, there are some things I struggled to part with. Not in an emotional blubbering broody sort of way. Nah. I’ts just that some items has invoked flashbacks to moments in time, events we attended, holidays we’ve had, birthdays celebrated etc. I am being ruthless though and only holding on to just a few bits. From Missy’s keepsake collection, here are just a few of my favourite things.

One of the outfits Missy wore for her first birthday party,

One of the outfits Missy wore for her first birthday party,

Fab Union Jack dress bought ahead of London 2012 Olympics. Wore this so often that year and its last outing was to the Olympic Stadium for the Paralympic Games

Fab Union Jack dress bought ahead of the London 2012 Olympics Wore this so often that year and its last outing was to the Olympic Stadium for the Paralympic Games

Missy started ballet just after she turned 2. I haven't found her very first ballet dress and shoes, hope it's still in one of the unopened bags.

Missy started ballet just after she turned 2. I haven’t found her very first ballet dress and shoes, hope it’s still in one of the unopened bags.

Missy's very first pair booties (hand knitted) from a friend of mine and her first pair of adult-like boots which she wore around Age 2.

Missy’s very first pair booties (hand knitted) bought by a friend and her first pair of adult-like boots which she wore around Age 2.

Lovely silver metallic dress she wore to our friends' winter wedding in London

Lovely silver metallic dress she wore to a friends’ winter wedding in London

Missy's christening dress, a very special day

Missy’s christening dress, a very special day

What childhood item of yours do you still hold on to?