Happy Mother’s Day


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day for us here in the UK (and several other countries too).

For over a month, Missy has been excitedly dropping hints at surprises she is going to plan with daddy for me…then proceeding to tell me about it, then taking it back. She’s been hilarious with it. It all started with a day out with her friend at a creative Ceramics Café over the February half term school break. The girls saw a handmade card that said something about mums. They were able to read the words on the card, took them off the shelf and said they’re for us. Conversation moved on to Mother’s Day and the girls decided they’ll buy the card as our Mother’s Day card. Soo, on that sunny day in February, I bought my own card (on her behalf) and I hope she remembers to decorate for me.

Just after her swimming class last night, with wide eyes, Missy declared that she knows exactly what I should do for MY mother on Mother’s Day (I had earlier mentioned that I’d quite like to see my mum too on Mother’s Day). She said “Mummy, I’ll surprise you with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. You’ll have your surprise breakfast then go to Grandma’s house and make her breakfast in bed too. That’s what you’ll do mum.” Well, logistics and practicalities aside, I couldn’t help but smile at the sweet thought.

To top it off, she was the class STAR OF THE WEEK again. #happy mum #proud mum.

To all you hardworking Mothers, Godmothers, Aunties etc, I wish you lots of love and happiness on Mother’s Day and always.



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