The Relucant Shopper



It was my mother’s birthday earlier this week. I had planned to spend the day with her (with JD tagging along for fun :o) at Westfield Stratford City which she really wanted to go to, and have a nice lunch with her at either Busaba Eathai or Jamie’s Italian before heading back to pick Missy from school.

On my mother’s birthday, I found myself alone with JD in Westfield Stratford City on an early weekday morning, shortly after its doors opened. My mother had earlier decided to cancel her annual leave to help her colleagues who were short staffed. (I never worked on my birthday, so the thought of willingly cancelling my leave is a whole different language).

Well, JD and I now had ‘commitments’ at Westfield, a few errands we intended to do whilst we were there with mum. So we headed there anyway. I actually really like shopping, always have done. If my bunny family ever got lost, you’ll find Daddy Bunny in a bookstore or library, you’ll find Missy in a park and you’ll find me (and for now, with JD) in the nearest shopping area. FACT. But this week was not that week. We headed to Westfield with a sense of purpose, to tick off the items we were there to do and head straight back home. No detours, no shopping, no lunch or treast, no wondering down “The Street” or the indoor market.  It was really quiet, perfect for photo-blogging too. But no. We headed straight to where we needed to go and back home.

I have never found myself standing reluctantly in any shopping mall and feeling like I’d rather go home. Even JD had a very long nap throughout.  There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.


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