Where have you been all my life?

No, this is not a post about Rhianna’s song of the same title so please, read on 🙂

Missy, JD and I had just sad down for dinner last night when Daddy Bunny came home. He asked us to guess what he brought home for dessert. Over 20 guesses later, Missy and I gave up.

He then joins us for dinner, bearing a box of treats from Cinnabon. Now, I’ve never tried their supposedly world famous cinnamon rolls but my gosh, while eating my delicious half-a-cinnabon-roll ever so slowly, I kept wondering, where has this been all my life? Thanks Daddy B!

A very indulgent treat. But in this year that the Bunny Family are trying to eat healthier, this is definitely a treat, not the norm.  The guys are Cinnabon are keen to let customers know that all their products are halal and suitable for vegeterians.  Oh okay then, enjoy.

Have you ever had a Cinnabon Roll?



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