It’s World Book Day

Someone, somewhere decided that 6th March would be this year’s World Book Day, an annual event that has been around for much longer than my little bunnies.

Missy started school in Sept 2013 so I’ve been looking forward to dressing her up for her first ‘book day’ event. She does love fancy dress, but I’m definitely way more excited than she appears to be on this one. Armed with inside info from parents with slightly older kids, I learnt a while ago that most schools invite pupils to attend school dressed as their favourite book characters. So, at the start of the year, I asked Missy what her favourite book was. Well, there are several but without a doubt, as expected, she shrieked that her top choice is ‘Cat in the Hat’ by Dr Seuss which was perfect as this gave me the opportunity to get her dressed in what would hopefully be a less common costume in her class. Yaaay, not another princess costume (there’s always many of those at the school playground on dress up days).
I started researching what I’d need to make her costume but as I’m not the craftiest (if that’s even a real word) of mums, so cue, a trip to my favourite online store (that’s Amazon) to order this perfect Cat in the Hat costume for her.



Just as well I ordered early, the letter from school gave us a week’s notice of the World Book Day event…that would have been hefty express delivery charge from Amazon for our perfect costume. Our local library is also hosting a World Book Day party which starts at 4pm so I’ll be taking Missy along to that BUT not before she is fed and watered (why, oh why, does she always come home ravishingly hungry after school?)

How did your bunnies celebrate today?



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