Pancake day

Pancakes feature regularly on our weekend breakfast menu, perhaps more regularly than a traditional English breakfast. Soo when pancake day (or Shrove Tuesday)comes round, I do try to serve the pancakes a little different to our usual fare. Here’s this year’s attempt.

A few weeks ago, while feeding JD (I still seem to be doing a lot of feeding), i thought I shod make some fun shaped pancakes. I’ve attempted these in the past, turning the batter into our initials, or minnie mouse etc but this year, I thought I’d make it even more exciting for Missy. So I contacted one of my closest friends, Google, and asked for inspiration. My dear Google never fails me so I had all the inspiration I needed to get this pancake day started.

Roll on 4th March (Pancake day/ Shrove Tuesday). I find myself wide awake at 6am, no thanks to JD who woke me every hour during the night to feed (what was up with that?). He too lay wide awake at 6am, way too early for me. Luckily for all, I had big pancake plans on my mind on this morning, so the horrible night’s sleep was not the subject of conversation that day. How refreshing.

Missy woke up at her usual time of 7.30am, and ready for her, was a choice of the pancakes below. She was truly happy, which probably explained the extra kiss I got on the playground when I dropped her off (the sort that isn’t an ‘absent-minded -yeah-whatever-mum’ kiss, but the sort that is deliberate and makes you feel very special and loved.)

How did you mark the day?






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